The Table

Lo’s Favorite LA Restaurants

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Hey guys! Today we are sharing Lo’s favorite spots in LA for good food, lattes, acai bowls and more. Scroll down for the spots + her favorite things at each place. Send this list to anyone you know in LA or save it if you are considering taking a trip to the west coast. P.S. Reading this will make…

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The Nespresso Life

1024 855 Lauren Kennedy

Spring makes me feel refreshed and enlivened; it gives me extra ambition to clean out the closets, fill our house with fresh, colorful flowers, and make extra time for rest and peaceful morning rituals. The change of seasons consistently seems busy but yet there is always a sweet, subconscious reminder to slow down. Coffee in…

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Winter Recipes To Try

1024 683 Chase Jennings

I love cooking home-cooked meals all times of the year, but especially in the winter months. There is something so comforting and cozy being inside when it’s dark and cold outside! Below is my current list of recipes to try and I would love to hear any recommendations that you have in the comment section.…

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In The Kitchen: GreenPan

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image via GreenPan Pinterest  Eating healthy is something that both Lo and I are very passionate about, as is toxic-free living. Living completely toxin free is nearly impossible since there are toxins in the environment that we are exposed to that are entirely out of our control. However, there are toxins that we can control, like what…

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the kitchen gift guide

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you know that person that just loves to be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm? we racked our brains for what to get said person, and the list is below! a GreenPan ceramic skillet  a gorgeous stand mixer washed denim pot holder a beautiful spoon rest the malibu farm cook book walnut cutting board…

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entertaining tips.

556 599 Lauren Kennedy

My mom gave me the best birthday present last year. She read through the wonderful book, Bread & Wine, and wrote notes all through out it on what she felt personally spoke into my life. This insight has given me a new picture of what community and the table is all about. The messages in…

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