Tulum: The Most Magical Beach Town

819 1024 Lauren Kennedy

My recent trip to Tulum (AKA, the most magical beach town) may be one of the most special experiences of my life thus far. My best friend, Anna, invited me to join her in this magical, jungle town in Mexico for her 30th birthday, and it was full of the sweetest memories that I will…

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A Surprise Malibu Escape

1024 1024 Lauren Kennedy

My husband might be the sweetest thing in the world. There is a way he loves that is displayed through the most thoughtful actions. He has been planning a secret trip for months, and it’s better than I could have imagined! Any getaway with him is magical, but he also surprised me with my entire…

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Lo’s Favorite LA Restaurants

683 1024 Melissa Mayer

Hey guys! Today we are sharing Lo’s favorite spots in LA for good food, lattes, acai bowls and more. Scroll down for the spots + her favorite things at each place. Send this list to anyone you know in LA or save it if you are considering taking a trip to the west coast. P.S. Reading this will make…

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8 Favorite NYC Restaurants

1000 667 Melissa Mayer

Lo and I both love making getaway trips to NYC. It’s a bigger trip for Lo of course from the West Coast, but I am just a 3 hour train trip away in Annapolis. Below we have rounded up 8 favorite NYC restaurants. Scroll down for info on each spot and bookmark this post for the next…

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How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

Traveling is always such an adventure- full of amazing memories, new experiences, opportunities to learn and try new things, and so much more. However, it can be hard to stay healthy and feeling your best when you are on the road, taking a long flight, eating out a lot, and just off your normal routine.…

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the wine country.

1024 1024 Lauren Kennedy

To preface this post, Jase and I are not big “wine” people (enter laugh emojis). We like it on occasion, and my dad has taught me a lot about it, but we still have not developed a big desire to enjoy it often. Enter the wine country + I am going to tell you what…

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