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Hey friends! As you know, I have a clean living program called The Clean Sweep to serve as a guide to eating clean, using clean products, and implementing clean practices into your everyday lives. As part of the kickoff to…

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Lululemon x SoulCycle

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I love the new year because it gives us a push to be more disciplined and improve our health! It has been so fun seeing so many of you celery juicing and signing up for The Clean Sweep + the…

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LSK Clean Sweep Sign-Up Details

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Hey friends! Quick post today to update everyone on the LSK clean sweep sign-up details! As you know, the first Clean Sweep group is in the midst of receiving and reading content daily and I am so happy to report…

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Clean Edit No. 7

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Clean Edit, so figured it was time!! Are you following along daily over on @thecleanstuff? If not, definitely do that too for a regular dose of clean product recommendations that I have…

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Why I Just Love Being Married

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Hey guys! As you know, #MarriageMonday is a thing, so I thought I’d celebrate with a little love list of some of the reasons why I just love being married to Jase.

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