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Halcyon Lake: Timeless and Artisan-Focused Rugs

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I remember coming across a Halcyon Lake rug for the first time online and was so enamored by the textures, material, and quality. This company is a family owned business that started…

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The Citizenry: Globally Inspired Decor

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I remember going to a cozy dinner with The Citizenry team in Malibu last year, and my love for them immediately expanded. Not only are their pieces gorgeous, meaningful and beautifully hand-picked,…

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AllModern for a Cozy Backyard

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So excited to share another week with you on Making A Home. We’ve been in a series on the blog about Jase and I’s process of renovating our home, and it’s been…

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Cleaning Out Your Kitchen: Clean, Safe Kitchenware

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It’s been so fun to be able to share these past few weeks about Jase and I’s process of renovating and filling our home. While this process has been much longer than…

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Everyday Clean Products for the Home

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These past few weeks I’ve been sharing about Jase and I’s processes of renovating our home on the blog in a collection of talks we’re calling Making A Home – While we’re…

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The Clean Sweep for Clean Sleep

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Over the last few weeks on the blog, I’ve been covering the process of Jase and I renovating our house in a series we launched here on LSK called Making A Home.…

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The Clean Sweep


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