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i’m addicted…

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…to hippie-esque, organically beautiful, raw shots–otherwise known as SYNONYMS for dan martensen photography. my plans for a wednesday night consisted of awing over these fascinations composed of sublime lighting and an unpretentious genre. i bid you to NOTICE the sense…

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what’s your sunshine?

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life without sunshine is like life without laughter.   take time to pose in your sunnies… and giggle even when life feels like it’s lacking color. a new day has new mercies…live in the moment without always gazing into the…

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nyc remains in a constant state of boundless fascination, where people are people, where pretending is highly discouraged and clearly, nearly, and thankfully unattainable. it is a city of raw living, where struggle cannot be hidden, where maturing is inevitable,…

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in the raw.

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if a photo could capture what goes on inside my head, this one does a darn good job. i can say with zero hesitation that my favorite attire is…bare feet, no make up, lots and lots of rings (preferably with…

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lighting is everything.

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the fall brings us…angelic tones of soft white and tossled locks, fairy lilacs and bubble bows… raw fierceness that requires little to no effort and sleek pulled back fringes that show off threaded brows and glowing skin. petra van raaij…

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