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the pink palette.

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summer is my favorite time of the year, hence why this photoshoot uber-inspired me. these photos prove that pink can be fierce while simultaneously exhibiting major girl power. I want to be where the waves are crashing… where tree trunks…

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hippie in my genes.

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tribal statements interest me because they are so natural, yet bright colors are part of their palette. the style requires mindless effort: go with the flow, throw on what feels right, whether it matches or not. although I am a…

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reversing self imposed bondage…putting an end to being the same.

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Hanneli Mustaparta I have too often heard these precise words: “I like this shirt/skirt/jeans/pair of sunglasses/fill in the blank, but I could never pull it off.” My question to you is, hOw Do yOu KnOw? and why not?? Assumptions are almost never based in truth, and…

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the absense of color.

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I can’t get enough. Just because the fabrics are natural does not mean that your makeup has to pop either. Keep it all simple. the military example. pic, Vogue the ultra-feminine example. pic, Vogue UK the structured example. pic, Vogue…

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strides to good behavior.

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the blazer: it’s always forgiving. Hanneli Mustaparta exemplifies menswear in its most epic form–epic meaning unbelievably chic and current. Who said high color contrast was necessary for rallying attention? Rather, contrast silhouettes. In this case: tailored and slouchy make a…

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