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the striking norm.

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new york makes high fashion look natural. it is one place where “makeup not included” is status quo. the atmosphere is enriching. pic, altamira

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lost in translation.

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i find it quite interesting that different scenes spark something in our creativity. where would our prevailing taste be without landscape, nature, and culture? i love how fashion refuses to be narrow minded. it blends in, yet stands out. it…

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i think i found my solemate.

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scorett 2010 fall collection. these wedges are edgy. awesome. playful. they can be dressed up or dressed down. in other words, they are an intelligent investment. 

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hello heat.

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  mine just arrived in the mail. surfer girl gone city.pic, because im addicted blog    the season marked by the longest days and the shortest nights should be spent like this– clogs, high bun, water. pic, le fashion blog…

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analyze the undertaking.

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the act of pursuing is never ending and all-encompassing. it may seem that it can stop to take a breath, when in reality, it is in full motion, just with a different identity. pursuit looks like so many things: growth,…

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  • water is essential to wellness drinking enough water allows us
  • summer is here for a minute and I am soaking
  • I like today
  • spring vibes
  • yesterday the dphue house did an apple cider vinegar trio

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