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when it’s wrong, re-right it.

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this is how your style forms.  via Lola

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don’t close your eyes…

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…don’t sleep in the car. You never know what will inspire you. paraphrased words from the one and only–creative director of Vogue. grace Coddington: A fire-cracker who explodes with whimsical attributes, an appreciative eye for the beauty in creation and…

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Merci, Dior.

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Slightly Alice? I am crazy about the thigh-high boots and the knee socks: it’s about time this trend made its return. Elegance exudes from the ruffles, the pleated blazer,  the combination of earth and blush tones, and that HAIR. via…

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still feminine.

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Sometimes a desired end is achieved through opposite means. Create extreme femininity through masculine apparel. Remember though: slouchy does not mean ill-fitting. Also, intertwine more structured pieces than non. Contrast a stiletto with a baggy jean. Relax a blazer by…

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city and nature juxtaposed.

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I have realized my heart can be in both places at once. pic, david hamilton

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