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I think raybans cultivate intellect…or maybe they are just a result of it.

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Guaranteed: these are always a SMART choice-whether authentic or urban-outfittered. thoughts?? Photography: Igor Termenon

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take NOTE.

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SPOTTED: red, metallic booties. P.S. lovin’ the mirrored Avies.                                       ERIN WASSON: fur vest, black is the new black, Starbucks :), overgrown roots. SPOTTED:…

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traveling is GOOD for the soul.

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Photo by Carsten Witte Exposure to new CULTURES will give you a major dose of understanding, well-roundedness, and an OPEN mind. MINIMIZING ignorance will manifest in all aspects of life, for the BETTER.

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SPICE up your life.

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don’t worry all of you who lean toward bohemian–ROCK the color trend without losing your alignment. Photo by Dafne Ederveen DUH. bold color is here to STAY for the spring. Photo by Paco Peregrin

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peter PAN awareness.

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I ENJOY this necklace because it reflects the peter pan collar WHILE adding a burst of subdued COLOR. Studioseventyseven photography

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