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Celebrating Earth Day + Sharing Helpful Tips

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Happy Earth Day everyone! I have had this topic on my mind extra much lately as we have been quarantined at home. Bettering the health of the earth can feel like such…

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How Are You Using This Time?

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It is wild to think we are over a month into quarantine. Do you feel like the time is crawling or flying by? I feel like the first week or two was…

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Bennie Biscuits: A Fun Activity This Week

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Good morning everyone! Jase and I did a fun IG Live yesterday with our good friends Michael and Kate. Michael is the master bread maker, and he surprised us with showing us…

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Quarantined: When Sweats Become the Everyday #ootd

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Who would have imagined that sweats would become the recent #ootd?

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The Gift of Giving & Receiving

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Right now is an extra important time to love extra on your friends and family. We all need it! After acknowledging and processing my emotions, my dad would always encourage me to…

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Keep Moving at Home

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One of the most helpful ways to stay healthy, sane, and have mental clarity during this time is making it a priority to stay active every day, even if it’s just for…

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