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How to Create a Home You Love

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Creating a home is such a process, and a personal one that involves a lot of patience and decisions! I learned so much from decorating my first apartment, and then my interior…

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How to Naturally Handle Allergy Season

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My allergies started a bit early this year, and by early, I mean November. Yikes! I tend to associate allergies with the Spring season, but I have realized different things bloom at…

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Almond Cow: Make Your Own Almond Milk

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I was not expecting to write this during a time filled with potential anxiety and so many unknowns, but I hope this suggestion brings extra hope and makes this quarantine time extra…

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Our Newest Addition: Bennett Doodle Kennedy the Third

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It has been about four years now that we have had our dog’s name on stand by – Bennett. And we recently made it a little longer to Bennett Doodle Kennedy the…

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Tips For Hosting Guests Overnight

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This last month has been my version of heaven. My best friend, twin sister, other dear friend, my mother in law, and then my parents have all come into town back to back.

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Organic Linens and Towels You’ll Love

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Moving can most definitely be stressful, but in the midst of the crazy, my favorite thing about leaving a house and settling into a new space is making positive changes. I almost…

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