Opt for Omegas — Lo’s Daily Takes Supplement (60 Count)


This fish oil is hands down the best on the market. Opt for Omegas premium fish oil comes in a monoglyceride form, the type of oil molecule your body is able to absorb and use fastest. Ideal for those with digestive issues, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular risk factors, etc. Opt for Omegas is IFOS 5-Star certified and has a 3x greater absorption rate than an equivalent dose of an ethyl-ester fish oil. This superior quality fish oil is processed using the highest standards of purification. Opt for Omegas is:

  • Temperature controlled
  • Tested thoroughly for heavy metals, plastics, toxins, radiation isotopes, oxidation, viability (fresh vs. rancid)
  • Processed using the highest quality certified sustainable fish from Scandinavia.
  • Non-GMO and Antibiotic free
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Weight 20 oz


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