Take Your Turmeric — Lo’s Daily Takes Supplement (60 Count)


Mounting research has shown that consuming turmeric can have profound implications on your health. From joint health, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, inflammation, brain function, etc, it is clear that integrating a high quality turmeric supplement into your health regimen can be extremely important. Not all turmeric is created equal however. Take Your Turmeric is a 100% turmeric extract comprised of 86% curcuminoids, 7-9% essential oils, and the rest being natural raw material from the turmeric root. Scientists discovered that taking advantage of the synergism between the curcuminoids and essential oils could drastically enhance the absorption of curcumin into the blood. Research has shown that this formula is “absorbed earlier and retained longer” compared to other leading forms. If you’re planning on taking turmeric, Take Your Turmeric the right way with this outstanding, extensively researched, premium grade 100% turmeric extract supplement!

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Weight 20 oz

60 Count


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