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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

620 826 Lauren Kennedy

My friend introduced me to infrared saunas about a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. There is a spa near my house in California that I try to go to monthly to get the benefits of this therapy. It is truly so relaxing, and I believe it has had significant impact on…

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My Crane & Lion Activewear Capsule Collection

683 1024 Lauren Kennedy

Friends! I truly could not be more excited to announce that I partnered with Crane and Lion active wear to create a capsule collection. This company was built to serve women who inspire daily by pairing sumptuous fabrics with high-performing design to power your journey with balance, strength and style. The words crane and lion…

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Favorite All-Natural Cleaning Product Brand

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

It was so fun recently discussing the importance of a toxin-free home and hearing some tips and tricks from Molly Abrigg. I love her perspective that we have little control over the toxin exposure outside of our homes, but we do have that control inside our homes! I have learned so much about the power…

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RMS Beauty: Nourishing, Rejuvenating, and Totally Clean

931 699 Lauren Kennedy

After much recent research, we at LSK are the biggest promoters of using makeup and beauty products that feed your skin rather than expose it to chemicals and toxins. It has been a fun journey searching for and testing out products that are as pure as possible, with no hidden preservatives or chemicals, and RMS…

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10 Questions with Molly Abrigg

500 492 Melissa Mayer

Hi, friends! We are so excited to have Molly Abrigg here on LSK today for a 10 question Q&A. For those of you that know Molly Abrigg, you understand how she has a contagiously vibrant personality that is truly captivating to everyone that she is around. She is a pure bundle of joy with a…

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Must-Have Hair Products + Tools

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

Today’s post is all about hair! I love all things hair-related, so I thought it would be fun to share my must-have hair products + tools. As many of you know, my bestie & I developed a loose powder dry shampoo for blondes, brunettes, and redheads…Meet, Stranded. It goes without saying that Stranded is a staple…

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