DIY: Organic Citrus Scrub

300 300 Lindsey Sullivan

Because I worked in the skin industry for 4 years, I attended many seminars and workshops to learn how your skin works and what keeps it healthy. I want to give you a recipe for homemade organic body scrub and teach you how to properly exfoliate your body’s largest organ. Exfoliation keeps your skin healthy, radiant…

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Sea-Dipped Polish from St. Tropez

600 801 Molliee

If you were to take a gander at all the women perusing the streets of St. Tropez this summer, you would be sure to notice some common denominators. Look past their slightly too-deep tans and through their custom Rondini sandals, and you will see the must-have nail hue of the summer: Dior Vernis Saint-Tropez. This…

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Hey Curly Girls, I’ve Got Some Tips for You!

325 407 Shannon Yoachum

Being a curly-haired girl, I have always longed for an advice column. Sometimes curls can be tough or frustrating, but in the end, they are wonderful. For all you girls out there with curly locks, I have some tips for you! From one curly girl to the next, let’s tame that frizz. [galleryview id= 30]…

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Eyeshadow Craze: The Color to Buy for Fall

258 223 Lauren Kennedy

To be glamorous and earthy at the same time is the name of the game this fall season, and one specific color makes that quest gorgeously possible. It’s hard to pick and choose when a million and one hues fight for your attention at the make-up counter, so which color is the perfect purchase for…

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Skin Organics - by Ann Webb

Skin Organics: Chemical Free and Result Driven Skincare

690 900 Lauren Kennedy

This day is historical in my life. Why? After years of questions,  I have finally found a solid answer. Hoorah! The resolution: Skin Organics. I have searched long and hard (my mom can attest to this) for a skin care line that I trust, and did I mention that actually works? And by works, I…

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Mineral Fusion: Make-up that Feeds Your Skin

150 150 Lauren Kennedy

It’s official. I am enthralled by organic skin care, and this includes the fun stuff: makeup. It was a few months ago that I became my own guinea pig to try toxin free products, and I have to admit I had high hopes but average expectations. I am the kind of girl that switches from product…

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