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get the details: the hoodie | the bra | the leggings | the tank | the kicks There is nothing better than athletic wear that can go from lounging to the gym and then to street for errands, grabbing coffee, or going to lunch. These staples from Nordstrom are so cute, comfortable, cool, and completely versatile.

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Why I run

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Nothing defines a “love/hate relationship” like running does, for me. There are days when the thought of going for a run literally makes me want to cry, and there are days when a good run makes me feel like I can conquer the world. So, what makes me keep consistently running when there are days…

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TRX: Movement at It’s Max

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My entire life has been full of fitness and health initiatives, but it wasn’t until this past year that I was introduced to TRX. I can not believe I deprived myself of this suspension training device for such as long period of time. It is a body definer involving body weight resistance. Oh, and did…

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Perfect Posture

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Some believe fashion starts with the shoes, like your Jimmy Choo’s, others with their hair-do.  Some believe it’s somewhere in between.  And with this I would agree but maybe not the way you would initially think.  Fashion begins with the rack the outfit is going on, and in this case I’m speaking of the body,…

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Shape Up Video: At Home Fitness Moves for your Core

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We know you are busy bees, and that is why we had owner of Omega Performance Training, Eric Hughes, put together a conglomeration of fat-blasting work out moves that are in-home friendly. Stick to these exercises for a week or two; there is no doubt you will start seeing toned results! Stay tuned for more…

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Hula Hoops, Not Just For Kids!

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Do you ever wish being active was as much fun as it was when you were a kid? I remember running around until I was sweating my brains off but the sheer enjoyment is what kept me going. Working out doesn’t have to be all work and no play just because we grew up! Try…

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