Hula Hoops, Not Just For Kids!

270 270 Molliee

Do you ever wish being active was as much fun as it was when you were a kid? I remember running around until I was sweating my brains off but the sheer enjoyment is what kept me going. Working out doesn’t have to be all work and no play just because we grew up! Try…

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Fitness Video: Blast the Holiday Fat with These At-Home Moves

1000 667 Lauren Kennedy

It’s the holiday season, aka time is limited. Not to mention, with cloudy cold days comes winter workout blues, so we have brought to you some simple at-home workout moves that will blast fat and tone muscles without having to step foot into a gym! Or if you love your workout facility oh-so-much, just incorporate…

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A Powerful Allergy Solution: North Dallas Honey

280 161 Lauren Kennedy

The honey-making process is quite intriguing and extensive, especially when it lives up to the North Dallas Honey way of doing things: pure, raw, and unfiltered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Sheets, the man behind NDH, to get the inside scoop behind this delicious natural sweetener and powerful allergy-preventer! “Pure” defined:…

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Kevita: A Sparkling and Delicious Probiotic Refreshment

1024 274 Lauren Kennedy

It look a summer in New York City to get me completely hooked on probiotic drinks. They were so new to me, and being a non-energy drink drinker, these were the perfect alternatives to provide a boost of natural energy in addition to healthy flora for digestion.  Not to be confused with Kombucha, KeVita is made using…

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The Latest on Dairy Freedom + a SWEET Giveaway

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After much research and personal evaluation recently, I have come to the decision to eliminate dairy from my diet. My energy levels have been off the charts and I am feeling great, but can I just say I desperately miss cheese and ice cream? Dairy Freedom eGuide to the rescue! You may remember Heather Crosby…

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Mark Your Fitness Calendars: Classic Pilates does a Free PINK Class!

1024 1022 Lauren Kennedy

Are you a Pilates addict or have you wanted to try this raved about exercise? Think no further! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Classic Pilates in Dallas will hold two complementary classes on October 22, at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Lee Park across the street from their super delightful studio. The…

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