2 Fun, Easy Reads that Have Changed My View of Eating and Beauty!

263 450 Lauren Kennedy

Information overload is a common theme for our everyday intake, so how do we know what to trust and what to trash? I have been on a major search for a book that would explain the art of eating well, with raw information about how our body processes foods, that would teach me how to…

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A Boutique Studio That Sculpts Muscles: Classic Pilates

1024 801 Lauren Kennedy

Is it just me, or does it seem that society is ditching much of the flair and going back to the basics, the fundamentals? The newly-opened Classic Pilates studio in the heart of Dallas reflects such an uprising concept, as it holds tightly to one simple philosophy:  they believe in the value of authentic forms…

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Get Fit While Having Fun

1000 544 Shannon Yoachum

When working out in Austin, it is always refreshing to find a new activity. Even though the weather has been extremely hot outside, SUP  or Stand Up Paddle-boarding on Town Lake makes for an excellent workout on the water. The best part about the outdoor sport? You can have fun while working out your core!…

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Spike Your Metabolism with This Crunchy Low-Cal Snack!

500 375 Lauren Kennedy

I don’t know about you, but I always crave a snack with crunch, but most of the time, those options are swelling with calories and carbs. Plus, they are almost always highly addictive. So, I went searching for a new discovery, and all it took was a personal brainstorming session, which ultimately ended by combining two…

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Transportation Update: The Cutest Bikes on the Market

989 628 Lauren Kennedy

Whether you are in the deep of Manhattan, the uptown of Dallas, or the mountains of Colorado, we want to guide you to the newest and coolest of bicycles. Right this way to the most functional and slightly romantic transporters… The Schwinn City IG3 The all-new City series provides a collection of urban bikes with…

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Chia Seeds: Nature’s Complete Superfood

300 400 Lauren Kennedy

For all you fans of regular (and sometime intense) exercise, chia seeds are a must try! My experience: I ventured into Whole Foods last week and got caught up at a sample stand full of these Australian grown wonders. After a quick try and a curious discussion with the expert, I made the purchase. Did…

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