Our Staple Grocery Lists

1024 683 Melissa Mayer

We are so excited for this post! Today Lauren and I are sharing our grocery lists- items that are staples inside our refrigerators, freezers, and kitchen cabinets. The items on our lists consist of things that we are constantly buying and buying again. We are very passionate about fueling our bodies with good-for-you ingredients so that we…

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Melissa’s Morning Smoothie

966 902 Melissa Mayer

Hey guys! Melissa here and I am sharing my morning smoothie recipe + my love for Moon Juice– a shop dedicated to a holistic approach to healthy living, including the most amazing medicinal ingredients to add to your morning smoothies. What I personally love about smoothies is the variety of smoothies that you can make. I…

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Winter Recipes To Try

1024 683 Chase Jennings

I love cooking home-cooked meals all times of the year, but especially in the winter months. There is something so comforting and cozy being inside when it’s dark and cold outside! Below is my current list of recipes to try and I would love to hear any recommendations that you have in the comment section.…

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the kitchen gift guide

768 512 Melissa Mayer

you know that person that just loves to be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm? we racked our brains for what to get said person, and the list is below! a GreenPan ceramic skillet  a gorgeous stand mixer washed denim pot holder a beautiful spoon rest the malibu farm cook book walnut cutting board…

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slow cooked scrambled eggs with turmeric and cilantro

950 950 Melissa Mayer

These slow-cooked scrambled eggs are dangerously good. I make these on saturday and/or sunday mornings at the farm with with toast and bacon for Hamilton, and a croissant for me. I cook these eggs in butter (in a cast iron skillet) as a weekend treat, and I think the butter is part of the reason…

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Our Health Packed Smoothie Recipe

800 500 Lauren Kennedy

Good morning, friends! I hope you all have had the sweetest start to the day. I must start out by saying I am a nerd when it comes to health (I could live and breathe it!). This post is long, but it was hard to leave any of it out because it is all so…

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