Kale: Why You Should Eat It Often (Recipes Inside!)

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It has been a few months since I incorporated this leafy green into my eating habits, and now I can’t imagine my diet without this extraordinary veggie. What’s better: it is a powerfully healthy food. So, why is kale such a necessary addition to your lifestyle? Read on to find out why you should become…

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Piggy Bank Friendly: Saving Money at Whole Foods

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An important re-blog: I came across a game changing article recently. The biggest excuse and real life concern I hear in regards to buying organic food is the high costs. So, realistically, how can we eat toxin-free diet when we have to abide by a grocery budget? This is where Danny Seo comes into play.…

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A Newly Opened Local Treasure: Coffee House Cafe

1024 819 Lauren Kennedy

If you live in the suburbs, you understand the difficulty in finding a cool-atmosphere coffee house that doesn’t require driving thirty minutes to the heart of the Big D. All we seem to have is a Starbucks on every corner. Well, suburbanites and city-dwellers (it’s worth driving North), I am excited to introduce you to…

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YumUniverse Recipe Video: Almond Crunch Kale Chips

500 375 Lauren Kennedy

Kale. Let’s talk about kale. It’s one of the most nutritious and easily digested greens out there, yet it is one of the most untouched. Don’t be scared of it, but rather embrace it. It’s not just for health nuts. Fabulous recipes using this leafy green are scattered galore, and Heather Crosby from the wonderful…

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Mini Caprese Salad: An Easy Recipe

1024 1024 Shannon Yoachum

For those who are passionate about cooking and those who aren’t get ready because we have a simple recipe that you can try! Yes, a recipe with minimal steps that takes very little time but tastes delicious. Okay do we have your attention yet? Here we go. Mini Caprese Salad Ingredients: 1 pint cherry tomatoes,…

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Worthy of Seconds: 3 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Sides!

584 371 Lauren Kennedy

Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Maple Vinaigrette Why I like it: They are a little sweeter than my normal sweet potato regime, but they are not loaded with unnecessary processed marshmallows and loads of brown sugar. With the perfect amount of pure maple syrup and a hint of lovely cinnamon, this dessert-like veggie with have you…

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