The Perfect Back-to-School Dinner!

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It is hard to believe that summer has come to an end. Moms, start out the first routine day of the semester with this fresh new family-loving dinner recipe! Don’t be intimidated by it’s homemade attributes; it is super simple without being time consuming. Plus, it is extremely nutritious! Have fun with this, and be creative when…

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Chia Seeds: Nature’s Complete Superfood

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For all you fans of regular (and sometime intense) exercise, chia seeds are a must try! My experience: I ventured into Whole Foods last week and got caught up at a sample stand full of these Australian grown wonders. After a quick try and a curious discussion with the expert, I made the purchase. Did…

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Cooking Contrast: Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

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Olive oil is an extremely healthy oil as it is loaded with much-needed fatty acids and essential vitamins, but how can we use it in order to properly take advantage of its rich benefits? *This oil is not the best for cooking as high heats make it susceptible to oxidative damage. Instead, use it in…

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Salad Facelift: 2 Awesome Dressing Recipes

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Give your leafy greens something to look forward to, and try these two olive-oil infused, ridiculously-healthy homemade recipes. Get one of those classic glass bottles to store, shake, and serve on the spot. Enjoy! The directions are as easy as this: combine all ingredients and shake thoroughly.  Balsamic Dressing 1 1/2 c Extra Light Virgin…

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5 Recipes from a Fascinating Foodie

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I am way beyond thrilled to announce Heather Crosby, the genius behind YumUniverse as an official LOLO food expert! She will be sharing her super-delicious plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes with us, and I must say these concoctions are not only in the likes of those uber-health-conscious raw-spinach-eating foodies. This recipe wonderland is a place test…

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Green Lemonade: An Energizing Detox

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Juicing is one of the best ways to bring your body to optimum health as it makes your skin shine and your energy soar. The advantages are endless: it allows you to absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables (after all, heating them destroys their chemical compounds a bit), it makes the optimal daily…

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