Healthy Burger Night Recipe

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Do you guys sometimes just crave a burger?  Like a really good one? We do! This is a go-to healthy burger night recipe for me and Jase during the week for a yummy dinner.  

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Happy Friday + A Pancake Recipe

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Feeling Friday vibes right now with this pancake recipe! Just in time for the weekend and still enough time to run to Whole Foods and grab this mix. We were so excited to discover the Birch Benders brand on Instagram via this food blogger and cannot get enough of their paleo pancake mix. Even if…

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Moon Dusts + Simple Morning Matcha Latte

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We have talked about Moon Dusts before on LSK and our overall love for the Moon Juice Shop. Their dusts are unique adaptogenic blends of superherbs that promote health, wellness, and function- brain dust, beauty dust, power dust, spirit dust, and sex dust. You can visit each product page to read the specific ingredients. We…

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Healthy Recipes To Try This Season

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Eating healthy is something that we are so passionate about because it truly effects not only how we feel, but how our bodies function! We will be doing a post on gut health soon, but as you guys know, fueling our bodies and soul with good-for-you ingredients is the core of wellness and healthy living.…

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The Recipe For The Cinnamon Rolls

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Happy Monday, friends! What better way to kick off the Monday after a holiday weekend than with a delicious recipe??? After many comments and messages to my + Jase’s Instagram Stories, I realized that I just HAD to share the recipe for the cinnamon rolls! All credit goes to The Stay At Home Chef– this…

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The Week Of Family, Cooking, and Shopping

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This week is definitely the week of family, cooking, and shopping. It is such a special time of year, but it can also be crazy busy. We are praying over all of us that we cling to calmness and not let the crazy-busy make us crazy! It is easy to get caught up in all…

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