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Why I Just Love Being Married

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Hey guys! As you know, #MarriageMonday is a thing, so I thought I’d celebrate with a little love list of some of the reasons why I just love being married to Jase.

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A Faith-Filled Book To Read This Year

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You guys. I am sure you have hear that Lysa Terkeurst has a new book, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way. I am here today though to express the importance of reading this book ASAP!

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A Turmeric Latte Recipe We Love

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We are so excited to share with you today a turmeric latte recipe we love from our dear friend and wellness guru, Leora Caylor of The Wildery. Here is a little bit about turmeric from Leora: Turmeric (or Curcuma longa) is not…

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The Year of The Clean Sweep

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Hi friends! As always, January is seen by many as a time for a fresh start when it comes to health, fitness, and wellness. This January, I am SO EXCITED because I am launching a wellness subscription program! Enter 2019,…

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10 LSK Blog Posts To Love From 2018

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Who else can’t believe 2018 is coming to a close!? We want to say thank you for another wonderful year. 2018 was extra special for us here at LSK…

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  • all bundled for the cowboys game yesterday  my dad
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